GROWS is one of the best networking organizations I have ever been a part of! I have been introduced to so many members that have directly referred clients to me, as well as resources that have been able to help my clients! I will be a member for as long as I am in business. ~ Peter Francis, Founder, RenewMe Fitness

GROWS is an excellent organization. Monthly meetings offer education, resources, and connections. I have had several successful years as a member of GROWS. I highly recommend that any professional working with seniors joins and becomes active with GROWS. ~ Christina Green, Past President

GROWS has been a vital partner in sharing the wonderful resources for seniors in Montgomery County, MD. I look forward to our monthly meetings because I always learn something new and have an opportunity to network with other senior-serving professionals. ~ Janet Carter, Senior Vice President of Operations, Larmax Homes

From a business perspective, GROWS is a wonderful platform to help servicing senior professionals like myself become more visible. That visibility equates to more clients! ~ Ross Fierman, Owner, Synergy Homecare Rockville

Meeting the needs of seniors is one of the most important and complex challenges facing our community today. We are fortunate to have an organization like GROWS to advocate and educate for older adults and their families. Together with GROWS, we are working to ensure Montgomery County remains a place where seniors, especially the frail and at-risk, can lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. ~ ~ Ike Leggett, Former Montgomery County Executive

Great way to meet new professionals in the senior industry! ~ Kathleen M. Mcguinness, SmithLife HomeCare

Great networking of caring professionals to improve the lives of seniors. ~ Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital, Tournesol Services

GROWS has played a huge role in helping me make connections in the industry. I have been able to meet tons of people who have helped guide me to becoming more successful. I love the monthly meetings because it is always another opportunity to meet new people and learn what is going on around our community! ~ Alex Friedlander

This is an amazing networking organization that can help address the many and varied needs of our growing Senior population. The members at the networking meetings are open, friendly and passionate about how they can help the Senior population. I always learn new and helpful information (personally and professionally) from the speakers at the monthly meetings. ~ Nancy Naleszkiewicz, Time for a Legacy / Division of Karrom Creations

Joining GROWS was one of the smartest things I did as a Marketing Director. The relationships I’ve built have directly affected my bottom line. The more I get to know GROWS members, the more qualified referrals come my way -- and the more I can send to my colleagues as well. ~ GROWS Member

GROWS speaks for those whose voices are no longer loud enough to be heard. As a member, I know that GROWS works on behalf of the people whom I have dedicated my professional life to serving. ~ GROWS Member