Sponsorship and advertising continue to be one of the most useful methods of promoting your company and brand to the community. Whether you are seeking to build your identity, generate leads, or spotlight your corporate responsibility initiatives, allow GROWS to help carry your message.


Website Advertising
Online advertising of your business is a vital way of being noticed by potential customers. They are the best way to drive site visitors in the direction of your website. An ad on www.growsmc.org shows on every webpage so no matter where someone looks, your ad is there. Also at this time only one advertisement at a time is available on the website.
• Ad specs: 350 pixels wide x 350 pixels tall, full color, .jpg or .png
• Format: high quality .jpg or .png
Cost: $150/ one-week run - $250/ two-week run - $400/ four-week run (Members)
Cost: $500/ four-week run (Non-members)

Dedicated Eblast Advertising
Send your targeted message out through GROWS network, a database of 2,000+ email addresses. This is a quick and easy way to reach a captive business audience with your special offer, sale details or announcement. Adding a clickable link to your website or social media is included. Your choice of subject line and your name in the from information. E-Blasts must be forwarded to [email protected] and are subject to approval. Once approved they will be put on our outgoing schedule (only 1 member e-blast is sent per week, so book early).

• 8.5”x11” Full Page
• Format: MSWord, JPEG, PNG or GIF (maximum of 800 pixels wide)
Cost: $200 per Eblast

Weekly Update Advertising
GROWS robust email marketing is an efficient and effective way to target others in the business community. Ads link directly back to the website landing page of your choice to help you market upcoming events, specials, opportunities, programs, sales and more.

Weekly Update Emails
Whether you prefer a banner ad, or a business spotlight we can offer you an affordable option. Run weekly, we reach more than 2,000+ in the Montgomery County business community, elected officials & other decision makers. With a high open rate and click through, we can get your message out.
Banner Ad:
Size: 542 pixels (w) x 104 pixels (h)
Format: high quality jpg or png

Premier Banner Ad Location: Directly under email header
Cost: $50/ one-week run - $75/ two-week run - $100/ four-week run

Banner Ad Location: Within the body of the email
Cost: $40/ one-week run - $65/ two-week run - $85/ four-week run

Business Spotlight:
Your logo or picture and a description of your business in the body of the email
Cost: $75/ one-week run - $125/ two-week run

The Business Stuff:
Runs must be consecutive
All ads are payable in advance of running
Artwork must be received by the Wednesday before the email send date
All ads are subject to approval by GROWS

Contact GROWS at [email protected] to schedule your placement today!